AnalyticsAI is a two-year project (August 2018-December 2020) funded by the Finnish Ministry of Education and Culture, coordinated by the University of Oulu, and involving altogether seven Finnish Universities: Aalto University, University of Eastern Finland, University of Lapland, LUT University, Tampere University and University of Turku. The project intends to facilitate the students' learning processes at the University level and the subsequent transition to working life by utilising learning analytics to support individual study paths, planning of studies, teaching and guidance, educational leadership, and at a broader scale, university governance. The research project utilises big data tools to analyse existing national and university-level databases, and information systems which combined with new innovative solutions will create new ways to support university studies featuring learning analytics applications and practices.

AnalyticsAI aims to:

  • create ways to provide students with information about their own learning processes, for a more effective future planning of studies, and in learning how to learn
  • develop and test new ways of utilising the data for student guidance
  • identify and pilot ways to use the learning analytics data in the university administrative decision-making processes, e.g. in the development of teaching and learning environments
  • involve different user groups and stakeholders, i.e students, teachers, tutors, coordinators, support staff and management, in the design and evaluation of functionalities and operating models
  • utilise information from different sources, taking into account application interfaces, data protection and ethics.
  • disseminate results, models and practices to all educational institutions.

Work Packages

AnalyticsAI work is divided into three work packages:

  1. Use and analysis of development needs and coordination of development tasks
  2. Development of Applications
  3. Piloting, ethical models, and the development of a new culture of operating
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