AnalyticsAI at Aalto University Leading Project Fair

AnalyticsAI, together with other higher education development projects, funded by the Ministry of Education and Culture, was introduced to Aalto University members at the Leading Project Fair on March 29th.

The Project Fair started with an inspiring opening as projects were presented and received in a good atmosphere. In addition to AnalyticsAI, the audience was given the opportunity to explore a wide range of interesting projects on language learning, entrepreneurship, University pedagogy, student well-being, student choice, learning environments and digital education.

The event inspired lively discussion and interest in development projects and topics. Over a hundred visitors were able to explore and discuss current developments, activities and achievements. The audience consisted mainly of program directors, staff from learning services and other services, and the general public who were interested in learning about the projects.

The importance of communication was emphasized at the event and, especially from the perspective of our project, there is a great deal of interest and need for learning analytics. Leading projects at the core of the fair also manifested encouragement of cooperation between the various elements. Collaboration between different project actors is an important resource, as projects seek permanent advancements and activities that can be integrated into the day-to-day operations of universities. Similar events are a reflection of the work that is being done in many areas to develop studies, learning, and all aspects of learning and education, and serve as a good reminder and a platform for cooperation and coordination between projects.

From the perspective of learning analytics, many of the presented areas of development are intertwined: at its best, learning analytics should be able to promote the flexibility and seamlessness of education, from studies to graduation and employment. Inspired by this successful event, development work and projects can continue with a diverse focus on studying and development related topics, in collaboration with students, teachers, tutors and other key players.

Amanda Sjöblom,

Aalto University